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mcf16 PTE Ltd. is a private Company, established in 2016 operates in joint cooperation with the Italian “sister” Co. mcf88 SRL with the aim of covering Asia Pacific markets for the design , development and sales of innovative products.

Research and development of software for electronic equipment/systems, along with radio frequency electro mechanics products, for it’s own and third party use, along with automatic distributor and sales equipment for food and non food products are mcf88 doings.

At the beginning of 2015, mcf88 looked to diversify some activities with “smart technologies” and started the development of IoT (Internet of Things) devices and sensors with batteries, powerless and ultra low power, LoRaWAN®, LPWAN and LTE technologies which have an unlimited field of applications.

Smart Software Applications and Cloud developments for the interconnection of all devices and installations are an end result.

Since 2001 mcf88 SRL has designed and developed RFID “Contactless” system devices according with ISO 14443 A, MIFARE®, B, NFC and ISO 15693 standards.

mcf88 SRL is a pioneer for Hi Security “Cashless” Payments for privative and bank circuits in contactless, Bluetooth, Low energy (BLE), NFC, QR Code technologies and ID’s Electronic equipment production in Radio frequency.